Skyblock Network Points Update

By mtotho JR.ADMINo - Posted Mar 10, 19
Hello Skyblock Network players!
We are pleased today announce a series of updates. The sole purpose of these updates are to give back to our players and reward them for their dedication to the server!
Daily Play Streaks!
Effective Immediatly, we will begin rewarding players for playing every day.  These rewards get bigger over time.
Key Features
  • Points rewarded for playing every day
  • Larger prizes for longer streaks
  • New leaderboards will be added to the hubs (soon) to show who is in the top 10 for longest streaks.
  • New commands: /streak and /streak top to track your streak.
How will I know how long my streak is?
  • A Broadcast will be made when you achieve milestones.
  • Heart effects will spawn around you.
  • An awesome sound will be played when you reach the achievement.
Frequently Asked Questions.
When do streaks reset?
Each day at midnight UTC (GMT) 
How do I achieve an extra days streak?
Simply log-on each day (a day being calculated in UTC timezone above)
Can I catch back a missed day?
Sorry no, you cannot catch back a missed day.
Why didnt my streak count I played all day (was afk)
We record the "Logged On" portion from your actual login event.  So logging into the server fresh.  
What prizes can I recieve?
All prizes are "Skyblock Network Points"  which are awarded at larger and larger levels as the streaks get longer.
Passive Points - How it works
We are very happy to introduce passive points. You will now be awared with points just for playing!
  • You will receive 10 points per hour playing on a non hub server.
  • You will receive a reduced rate per hour while on hub.
Instant vote rewards
Tired of waiting up to 24 hours to receiving your vote rewards? From this point on, all vote rewards will be issued instantly! You will see the notification in game.
Please Link!
In order to fully enjoy any of these new rewards, you should link your minecraft character with enjin. For more information, please refer to this guide Linking Minecraft Account
The Skyblock Network Staff Team
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