OP Skyblock Updates!

By mtotho ADMINo - Posted Jan 13, 19
OP Skyblock Updates!
We are excited to announce some new updates for OPSB!
/Warp Fish
By popular demand, we have now introduced a new PVP zone to OPSB. Be careful that you don't lose your gear! Simply go to /warp fish and start. This will be the only place on the server where you are able to go fishing. Fish will be worth $200 each. Defend your pond!
Be careful! You can be combat tagged in the PVP fishing zone. This means you wont be able to fly or logout to escape from losing your items.
Every few hours, OPSB will now find there is an Envoy event. An envoy event will drop crates in the new PVP warzone (/warp fish) and will include many goodies for you to collect. Simply use /envoy to see the the time until the next envoy.
Books in the Point Store!
You will find on the Points Store a variety of Custom Enchantment books available for the OPSB and Acid Island servers. These include Common, Rare and Legendary books.
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